Meet Our Staff

I am Emma and I am the Manager of NOA’s Ark Nursery. I grew up in Witney before travelling the world and working as a nanny and chef in a number of different countries before returning to my roots in Oxfordshire. I have worked in a nursery since 2003 and gained a Masters in Psychodynamic Counselling for Children in 2008 and an Early Years Teacher Status in 2014, alongside a number of other childcare, management and childhood bereavement awareness courses. My favourite children’s book is AA Milne’s ‘When we were very young’, especially the poems. My best part of my day is going into the rooms and chatting to the individual children and listening to their ideas.

My name is Claire and I am the Deputy Manager of NOA’s Ark Nursery. I have grown up and lived in Banbury most of my life, and have an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare. When I was little my favourite TV programme was ‘Blue Peter’ and a lasting ambition has been to get a Blue Peter Badge! I love reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ to the children, particularly to the babies and younger children in the nursery. I love dinner time with the children too and look forward to it every day.

I am Louise and I’m the Teaching & Learning Manager at NOA’s Ark. I have been in childcare since 2002 and completed my Early Years Teacher Status in 2014. My best part of the day is lunchtime, when I can sit with the children and chat about their day.

I’m Jaz and ‘Mr Blobby’ was my all-time favourite TV programme as a child. In fact, I think I have inherited a lot of his characteristics, particularly his sense of humour! Playing outside with the children is my favourite part of the day, and my favourite book to read is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, which is very popular with the children! I have recently completed my NVQ Level 3 in Childcare, of which I am very proud.

I am Kylie and I am working in the Otters room as a trainee Early Years Practitioner having completed a Diploma in Childcare at NOA. I previously worked as a party host at Rugrats and Halfpints. I love reading ‘The Gruffalo’ to the children at nursery. Seeing the children come in at the start of the day is my favourite part of the day, when they are excited and eager to talk about what they have been doing.

My name is Susan but I am known as Sooz by everyone (except when I am in trouble). I love reading ‘The Gruffalo’ to the children, and I put on all the voices for the different characters in the story. I have lived in Banbury all my life and have worked in childcare since I left school, gaining a Diploma in Childcare and Education. My favourite part of the day is when the children choose to do drawing and arts and crafts as I love helping them create things. I have been known to make quite a few incredible creations out of cardboard boxes!

I am Timika and I am a Room Senior in the Otters room. I enjoy reading anything by Julia Donaldson to the children. My favourite part of the day is when the children arrive at nursery and I get to greet them as they come in and they greet me. I grew up in Banbury and I have an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Development.

I’m Debbie and have been working at NOA’s Ark since it began! Previously I worked at Drayton Pre-school for many years and completed my NVQ Level 2 there, and now enjoy the different age groups that attend NOA’s Ark Nursery. Reading ‘The Gruffalo’ to the children is a favourite of mine, which is good as the children love it too! I love doing craft projects with the children and am always looking forward to introducing Christmas projects to them. Before I was in childcare I worked as a sewing machinist, which probably accounts for my creative streak.

I’m Maisie and I work mainly in the Koalas room as a trainee Early Years Practitioner, having completed a Diploma in Childcare at NOA. I have been at NOA’s Ark since I left school. My favourite book to read to the children is ‘The Gruffalo’, which is also one of the children’s favourites! I enjoy the part of the day where we go outside and work with the children in group activities the best.

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